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Dilemmas and Deeper Faith

During a Saturday morning Bible study, a father was perplexed because his beloved, wayward daughter had returned to the city, but he was uncomfor...

Sharing Jesus with Others

Evangelism – Reaching Out through Relationships

Few people make the decision to follow Christ all by themselves.

Me & My Neighbor – One Big Reason to Help

Reading the Bible

Why the Stories of the Bible Need to be Shared – Shephelah

Between the Judean Hills and the Coastal Plains, the Shephelah is a fertile plain known as "the meeting place." As the main travel artery of travel that connects Africa, Asia, and Europe, it is a vital place for the spreading of the Gospel.

Sharing Jesus with Others

3 Keys to Evangelism – For Introverts

Spiritual Gifts – Bible Reading


How Do We Best Pray for Others

Praying for others can be confusing and difficult. We may think we know what they want or even what is best for them, but in our honest moments, we have to admit that we don't know how to pray for their good.

Life Struggles

Letting God Heal Our Hate - Part 1

Do we really understand the dilemma of our bitter divides? To look, without smiling, at the cold reality of actual hate? Or learn what hate is? We’ll dare to believe that God has the answers—and, more important, that God is our answer. I offer Him—His healing presence, His loving touch, His forgiving pathway – to find healing for the conflict  that festers, poisons and erupts, daily it seems, in our world, our nation and in so many of our lives.

Reading the Bible

Psalm 23: Finding Safety in the Wilderness

How did David find enough security to write Psalm 23? How is Jesus our Good Shepherd? How do we find what we need in times of Desperation?