Love God Deeper, Love Others Better

Heart of Service

When my “uncle” Emory passed away, the tributes were many and varied. Yet all those honors carried a consistent theme—Emory sho...


Episode 15 - "Building Bridges Between Cultures" with Rasool Berry

Grace and truth go hand in hand. But how do we respond when these things seem to call for different actions?

Sharing Jesus with Others

Yahweh vs. Baal: The Psalms as Apologetic

The nations around them still had their gods and their high places and their cults. The stories of the gods of Moab and Phoenicia and Philistia clamored for the Israelites’ attention daily. The collective mythology formed a siren song that threatened to seduce men and women and children from the worship of Yahweh.

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Reading the Bible

Where David Defeated Goliath – Shephelah

In a fertile valley with the Mediterranean on the west and Bethlehem and Jerusalem on the east, one of the most well-known stories of the Bible unfolded. A small shepherd with a simple sling defeated a warrior-giant. But that's not the end of the story. Follow the rest of the tale and be challenged to trust God like David or shrink in fear like Saul.

Life Struggles

The Sword, The Son, and a Rest for God’s People

I needed rest, and I didn’t know where to find it. My inability to find physical rest was connected to my inability to spiritually rest in God.

Reading the Bible

Worry in the Bible

Reading the Bible

Love God, Love Others

The gospel is sometimes summarized as, “Love God and love others.” But if that was Jesus’ message, why was He crucified? Today on Discover the Word, the team, and authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien begin to explain an assumed cultural value in the first century that got Jesus on the bad side of the religious establishment.


Walk with Me: Traveling with Jesus and Others on Life’s Road

Such experiences typically motivate one of three responses in us. We either avert our gaze from the tragedy; we look on in a prurient, unhealthy fascination; or we dig deep to find something in common with the one suffering.

Reading the Bible

Bethlehem – The Birthplace of Salvation

In the Bible, Bethlehem is a place of solutions, a place of salvation. It is the place of Jesus's birth, the setting for God's ultimate solution.