God Hears Her | Promise Keeper (with Shannon Popkin)

Promise Keeper (with Shannon Popkin)

Guest Bio: Shannon Popkin is the author of  Comparison Girl, Control Girl, and (forthcoming) Shaped by God’s Promises (Our Daily Bread Publishing, 2024). Shannon is a speaker and hosts the Live Like It’s True Bible podcast. For more from Shannon, visit shannonpopkin.com, or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube


Show Summary: What are some promises God gives in His Word that you hold on to? God is a Promise Keeper, but all through Scripture we see examples of His people taking things into their own hands. Author and speaker Shannon Popkin has spent some time looking into how Sarah and Abraham immediately discounted the promises God gave them. Shannon realized that even when God makes His ways known, we tend to want things in our timing. Join hosts Elisa Morgan and Vivian Mabuni as they talk with Shannon about how God is a promise keeper on this episode of God Hears Her. 


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “I like to think of God’s promises as a set of parentheses, you never have one parenthesis without the other. The first is God makes the promise, the second is God keeps the promise.” —Shannon Popkin 

  • “Most of our [life is spent] living in the parentheses and waiting in the parentheses for the promises to come about.” —Elisa Morgan

  • “We don’t learn God’s faithfulness in a minute. We see His faithfulness over time.” —Shannon Popkin 

  • “God will be faithful, He is a faithful God. He is a God who makes promises and keeps promises, and He invites us to live like it’s true that He will keep these promises to us.” —Shannon Popkin