A Prayer for Wondering if God is There

Is God Out There?

There are probably some people who never doubt that God’s there. We are not those people. In fact, those people can sometimes be hard to understand. As confident as we can be that God is good, that Jesus died for us, and that the Holy Spirit is here to help us with our everyday lives, if we’re being really honest, there are times when we can be equally doubtful that there’s a God at all or if he even cares.

And it’s not just because bad things happen. Sure, sometimes evil makes us wonder where God is. But sometimes the busy or stressful rhythms of our lives just make it really hard to see God, to hear from him, or to believe that he’s invested in our stories.

So if you’re there today…wondering if God is out there, or if he’s paying any attention to you, you’re in good company.

Here’s the Scripture we meditate on and the prayer we pray when we wonder if God is there.

“The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation” (Colossians 1:15).

A Prayer for Wondering If God Is There

Invisible God, you marked creation with your eternal power and divine nature. You made human beings in your image, to be like you and show you to one another. Jesus, you are the invisible God made flesh, so we can see, hear, and know the love of the Father. I know these things in my head, but I’m struggling to believe them in my heart. Meet me in my doubt. Remind me of your love. And, if this is the dark night of the soul, please give me hints of your light, as I wait for a tangible sense of your presence. Amen.