Learn to Live and Love like Jesus

Advice from One Older

“What do I regret?” That was the question New York Times bestselling writer George Saunders answered in his 2013 commencement speech ...

Reading the Bible

Why Read the Bible?

Read the Bible with an open mind. Check your presuppositions at the door and let the Bible speak for itself. 

Reading Hope with the Black Church

A key element in the fight for hope has long been the practice of Bible reading and interpretation that comes out of traditional Black churches.

Christian Beliefs

In the Grip of God’s Love

The Hebrew word “hesed” gets a lot of press in devotionals or sermons or Bible studies. But any translation will struggle to capture the full landscape that the word “hesed” wants to paint.

Spiritual Growth

A Place for Doubt in a Growing Faith

Spiritual Growth

Theology 101: Satan – Master of the Almost True

Satan’s great at approximate truth and almost Christianity.

Spiritual Growth

In His Presence – The Habit of Spending Time with God

Life Struggles

When Crisis Strikes

A crisis has been defined as any event that is going to lead to an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society. One teacher described a crisis more personally as any event or circumstance that makes you fundamentally reorganize your life. Either way, crises shake us to our core.

Spiritual Growth

In Pursuit of Jesus in New York City