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God’s Tender Love

A 2017 video of a dad comforting his two-month-old son while the baby received his routine vaccinations garnered international attention for the ...

Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible without Fear

Reading the Bible

Misreading Scripture

With so many English translations available, it’s easy to forget that the Bible wasn’t written in our language. And today on Discover the Word, the team, and authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien explain that when we fail to consider the context in which the Bible was written, we can run into some serious misconceptions!

Reading the Bible

Why the Stories of the Bible Need to be Shared – Shephelah

Between the Judean Hills and the Coastal Plains, the Shephelah is a fertile plain known as "the meeting place." As the main travel artery of travel that connects Africa, Asia, and Europe, it is a vital place for the spreading of the Gospel.

Christian Beliefs

Reading Scripture: What Every Christian Needs to Know

Reading the Bible

The Hard Task of Reading Well

When it comes to finding insightful meaning, surprising connections, or new depth in Scripture the best advice is simple: Read.

Reading the Bible

Psalm 23: Finding Safety in the Wilderness

How did David find enough security to write Psalm 23? How is Jesus our Good Shepherd? How do we find what we need in times of Desperation?

Living Like Jesus

Follow Me – Insights from a Fisherwoman about Following Jesus

Spiritual Growth

In His Presence – The Habit of Spending Time with God