A Distinct Cry

Isaiah 1–2; Galatians 5

How gracious [God] will be when you cry for help! Isaiah 30:19

When a baby cries, it’s a signal that the child is tired or hungry, right? Well, according to doctors at Brown University, subtle differences in a newborn’s cries can also provide important clues for other problems. Doctors have devised a computer program that measures cry factors like pitch, volume, and how clear the cry sound is to determine if something’s wrong with the baby’s central nervous system.

Isaiah prophesied that God would hear the distinct cries of His people, determine their hearts’ condition, and respond with grace. Judah, rather than consulting God, had ignored His prophet and sought help in an alliance with Egypt (Isaiah 30:1–7). God told them that if they chose to continue in their rebellion, He’d bring about their defeat and humiliation. However, He also longed “to be gracious to [them]; . . . to show [them] compassion” (v. 18). Rescue would come, but only through their cries of repentance and faith. If God’s people did cry out to Him, He would forgive their sins and renew their spiritual strength and vitality (vv. 8–26).  

The same holds true for believers in Jesus today. When our distinct cries of repentance and trust reach the ears of our heavenly Father, He hears them, forgives us, and renews our joy and hope in Him.

By: Marvin Williams

Reflect & Pray

Why are you tempted to rebel against God and seek help apart from Him? How does repentance before Him lead to reconciliation and life?

Dear God, please forgive me for seeking safety, security, and protection apart from You. Please restore my love for You.

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