God Hears Her | Connectivity and Relationship (with Lauren Reitsema)

Connectivity and Relationship (with Lauren Reitsema)

Guest Bio: Lauren’s interest in relationship skills began when her parents divorced after almost 20 years of marriage. Seeking to understand better patterns for her own future legacy, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in communication studies from TCU. Lauren is the author of two books: In Their Shoes, a book dedicated to helping parents better understand and connect with children of divorce, and Relationship Essentials, which features skills to help people feel heard, fight fair, and set boundaries in all areas of life. Lauren is the president of The Center for Relationship Education, a national nonprofit whose mission is rooted in providing relationship skills training to everyone. Her speaking experience spans over 20 years, teaching a variety of relationship skills to teens, adults, and corporate teams. She recognizes relationships are key to a successful life, and this drives her passion for energizing others to invest in relationships with proven tools to enhance connection. She and her husband, Josh, love adventures with their three children. All Colorado natives, they are avid skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, and Broncos’ fans. 


Show Summary: Have you ever tried really hard to make something happen just for it to fail over and over again? Have you been rejected by something or someone that meant a lot to you? Today’s guest, Lauren Reitsema, knows all about how God can change the trajectory of our lives to make something beautiful come out of the brokenness. Host, Eryn Adkins, had the privilege of talking with Lauren in person at the MomCon Conference in Chicago last fall. Join Eryn as she gets to know Lauren and how God has worked in her life during this God Hears Her conversation.


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “We’re not meant to do everything well all the time.” —Lauren Reitsema

  • “Boundaries create more of the freedom we long for.” —Lauren Reitsema

  • “Sometimes it’s the denial of what you want that gives you the trajectory.” —Lauren Reitsema

  • “He does connect every one of your pain points, and He weaves it into a beautiful story.” —Lauren Reitsema 

  • “He is the only one who understands us when we don’t think He’s listening.” —Lauren Reitsema