God Hears Her | Continuing with Trust (with Katie Lewis)

Continuing with Trust (with Katie Lewis)

Guest Bio: Katie Lewis is the founder of Dear Mushka, a Scripture-based everyday wear jewelry, apparel, and accessories company. She's passionate about the Bible being a very present help and equipping women for everyday life with it by “wearing truth and sharing truth.” When she isn't working or discipling four little boys and her newborn baby girl, she’s an aspiring gardener and is always grateful for a few minutes to read. 


Show Summary: Have you ever felt like God called you to something you weren’t capable of? Do you feel like He changed your direction and plans? Katie Lewis is a woman of moxie who’s continued to lean into God’s presence in the unexpectedness of her life. Her mission is to equip women with Scripture because she’s experienced firsthand how life-changing the wisdom of the Bible is. Join Elisa Morgan and Eryn Adkins as they get to know Katie during this conversation on God Hears Her.


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “I feel like He’s said, ‘Keep going, I have not released you from this.’ ” —Katie Lewis

  • “We do hard things, that’s a part of life.” —Katie Lewis

  • “He has promised that His power is what will carry me through to live a godly life.” —Katie Lewis

  • “I felt like He was inviting me to ‘test’ Him… in a tender and gentle way.” —Katie Lewis