God Hears Her | Hopeful End: An Easter Bible Study

Hopeful End: An Easter Bible Study

Easter is the time to reflect on the resurrection story and the powerful redemption of the cross. What are some verses in the Bible that make you think of Easter? Join Elisa Morgan, Eryn Adkins, and new host Vivian Mabuni as they each share different parts of Scripture that motivate them to reflect on other aspects of the Easter story. Get out your Bible and a journal for this God Hears Her conversation.


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “Even if everything in your life is silent about God … what are the stones that cry out to remind you of His existence and faithfulness?” —Elisa Morgan 

  • “Don’t determine who God is based on your circumstances; you need to evaluate your circumstances based on who God is.” —Vivian Mabuni 

  • “If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, then He was just a really good teacher.” —Vivian Mabuni

  • “When we can’t hear from Him, or we don’t know what He’s doing, can we trust who He is?” —Elisa Morgan 

  • “When I look around my circumstances and there’s a temptation to add a pleasure to my pain quickly, I know it’s not worth it. Jesus is who He says He is.” —Eryn Adkins 

  • “I can walk with Him in what I feel on a daily basis knowing He knows what that feels like.” —Eryn Adkins