God Hears Her | Intentional Fatherhood (with Matt Adkins)

Intentional Fatherhood (with Matt Adkins)

Guest Bio: Matt Adkins, with over 25 years of music experience, is a seasoned musician, worship pastor, and service programming director at Gwinnett Church. From picking up his first guitar at 8 and growing up surrounded by the sounds of bluegrass, Matt’s journey in music has been nothing short of remarkable. Transitioning from a touring musician at 17 to a worship pastor at 30, he has dedicated his life to shaping the purpose of musicians within the local church. Matt’s passion is to create transformative worship experiences and empower others to express their faith through music. Matt lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Eryn and their three daughters.


Show Summary: Father’s Day is coming up and that can bring out a variety of feelings in us. Some of us come from broken families with absent fathers or divorced families where we’ve seen a parent only part time. Today’s guest is learning how to parent three daughters in the aftermath of divorce and remarriage. Despite that, Matt Adkins does everything he can to be an intentional father. Join Elisa Morgan and Eryn Adkins as they talk with Matt about his different seasons of fatherhood and parenting teenage daughters during this God Hears Her conversation. 


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “When it’s from the Holy Spirit, it just flows. You don’t have to force it.” —Matt Adkins

  • “If you’re not intentional with the time you have, the time goes fast.” —Eryn Adkins 

  • “They [little girls] don’t want to be fixed, they want to be heard.” —Matt Adkins

  • “The relationship between me and my heavenly Father, and my relationship with my 3 girls as a father, the thing that I desire most with my girls, is the thing that my Father desires with me—time.” —Matt Adkins