God Hears Her | Needing God (with Lina AbuJamra)

Needing God (with Lina AbuJamra)

Guest Bio: Lina AbuJamra is a pediatric ER doctor who now practices telemedicine and in her “spare” time enjoys attending her nephews’ football games, traveling, and lingering over a fine meal. A podcaster, conference speaker, and a popular Bible teacher, she founded Living with Power Ministries to provide medical care and humanitarian help to Syrian refugees and others in disaster areas. She also hosts a radio show and is the author of several books, most recently Fractured Faith and her new Bible Study Through the Desert: A Study on God’s Faithfulness


Show Summary: What are your needs right now? Do you feel like you need a friend, a spouse, a new job, or a new role? In the midst of your felt needs, how do you depend on Jesus? Join hosts Elisa Morgan and Eryn Adkins as they talk with Unshakeable Moxie guest, Lina AbuJamra, about her needs and how she’s grown to depend on Jesus in the midst of them. We’re so excited to learn from Lina during this God Hears Her conversation. 


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “It’s not that I love pain, it’s that we learn in painful places.” —Lina AbuJamra

  • “All heartbreak shapes us and it comes to every human in different forms.” —Lina AbuJamra

  • “It’s so simple and it's so profound… God never leaves.” —Lina AbuJamra

  • “In my moments of failure is when I see Him on the cross even more clearly.” —Lina AbuJamra