God Hears Her | Tenderly Waiting (with Rochelle Traub)

Tenderly Waiting (with Rochelle Traub)

Guest Bio: Rochelle Traub loves interacting with people whether it’s connecting with friends over a relaxing dinner, creating memories with family in the funny moments of life, or communicating through words and voice in her marketing job at Our Daily Bread Ministries. She’s been married to her best friend, Kevin, for 31 years and together they have three children, including their youngest daughter who was adopted from China. Rochelle looks forward to her morning “walk and talk” sessions with her exercise buddy, skiing in Colorado with family, reading a good book while sipping steaming hot coffee, and traveling pretty much anywhere. She is thankful for God’s grace and goodness in her life, and her life goal is to share the gift of Jesus. 


Show Summary: When was a moment you felt God was calling you to something? Have you had any clear moments like that? Did you face obstacles while trying to make that calling a reality? Rochelle Traub felt called to adopt, but for a long time her husband did not. As they prayed together through that season they both eventually felt the call. However, the adoption process led them through more years of waiting. Join hosts Eryn Adkins and Vivian Mabuni as they learn more about Rochelle’s story during the years of her waiting season during this God Hears Her conversation.


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “Watching my children be their own people, and letting them be their own people, that God has provided a journey for each one of us.” —Rochelle Traub

  • “They are all so different, and God has gifted them with what they are supposed to be doing.” —Rochelle Traub

  • “My job as a mom is to know, what I had in hope for you, is not necessarily what God has in mind for you.” —Rochelle Traub

  • “God has that child picked out for you, but He will bring His plan to fruition.” —Rochelle Traub 

  • “However we think it’s going to go, or want it to go, you have to trust Jesus and hold His hand because His plan is best.” —Rochelle Traub