God Hears Her | The Meaning of Moxie (with Moriah Smallbone)

The Meaning of Moxie (with Moriah Smallbone)

Guest Bio: MŌRIAH is a Mexican-American recording artist, actress, and producer from Los Angeles, CA. Her film credits include the lead role in Because of Gracia (2017), singer Loyce Whiteman in the Dennis Quaid Ronald Reagan biopic (2023), and Bathsheba in the series The Chosen (2023). She co-produced a feature film alongside Candace Cameron Bure called Unsung Hero and acted in a Sony Affirm Christmas musical titled Journey to Bethlehem, starring Antonio Banderas (2023).


Show Summary: We’ve been talking about moxie a bit here to prepare for the upcoming docuseries Unshakable Moxie. How do you understand moxie? Do you feel like you fit the definition of being a woman with moxie? Today we’re talking to singer and actress, Moriah Smallbone, about how her definition of moxie changed as she hosted the docuseries. Moriah shares realizations about herself that she came to while the series was filming. Join God Hears Her hosts Elisa Morgan and Eryn Adkins as they get to know Moriah. 


Notes and Quotes: 

  • “It’s funny how you have to do the work to let go of something that held you in such safe keeping.” —Moriah Smallbone

  • “Moxie is in the tender moments. It’s in empathizing with each other; it’s in sitting with one another in grief and pain. It’s in sitting in the questions and instead of arguing, being okay with not knowing.” —Moriah Smallbone

  • “Softness and tenderness is not weakness.” —Eryn Adkins